Captain identificator

We provided each captain with an indentification code. Navigocorpus contains data about captains which were collected at different points at different dates in different sources. We found it necessary to provide users with the possibility of identifying the different information concerning the story of the same captain. In order to do that, we had to decide whether the information concerned the same person or not.

Decision about the identification code was taken by taking into consideration different information concerning the ship and additional data concering the captain (place of origin, nationality), etc. We looked also at the time span between two different information : two captains with a similar name leaving from Le Havre to Bordeaux and to Hamburg within the same week on two vessels which could be the same ship were classified as two different persons (and ships) whereas the same case concering a voyage from Le Havre to Rouen and to Fécamp could be interpreted as concering the same person (and vessel). One of the main problem was that name-spellings are far from uniform and captain-names were translated and translitterated in akward ways, especially in foreign countries. In case of doubt, we provided two different ID to the captain.

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